Version 2
1-3/4" Diameter x 3/8"W
Sterling Silver">

Franklin and Verna Tahe - Navajo
1-3/4" X-Large Two Coil Hoop Earrings
Version 2
1-3/4" Diameter x 3/8"W
Sterling Silver

Tahe, Franklin & Verna  (Navajo) - Native American Jewelry

Tahe classic coil wire earrings. Regardless of size, materials, and/or number of coils, this has been a hugely popular design.

I own two variations of this particular earring.  Clearly they are from two different batches the artists made.  I suspect the difference was determined by materials on hand.  There are (3) noticeable differences between Version 1 and Version 2.  These are Version 2.  At most recent check,  I own three pairs of these and two of the Version 1.

Version 2 (these) utilized a larger gauge wire at the center for the coils.  The overall length of the hoops is a bit longer. The combination of the previous two items makes this version heavier in weight.

For comparison purposes, the last photo shows Version 1 and Version 2, side-by-side. 

IMPORTANT:  Both versions have some heft to them (see weight).  If you have delicate ears, these are not for you.  That said, if you are a big earring gal, this will probably be fine. I have removed the tiny silver backs the artists supplied and am furnishing 11mm rubber with silver clutches that provide much more support and comfort.  These clutches can be seen in the comparison photo.

These are NEW OLD STOCK, not previously owned.  They were likely made in the early to mid 2000's.  I purchased them in 2011 from a wholesaler who was shutting down. When they are gone, they are gone. 

There have been dozens of variations in size and design in Tahe earrings.  There have been silver, copper. and mixes of silver & gold.  These are the pure sterling version.  I have about 30 different styles available.  In some designs I own as many of 10 pairs but, most are only one or two pieces.    

Diameter:  1-3/4"

Width:  3/8"

Weight (pair): .8oz/24gr/.053lbs

Signed: No

Hallmark: No


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