Native American Rings

Rings handmade or handcrafted by members of various Native American tribes and pueblos.  Predominately Navajo & Zuni.

Selection contains silver work, stone work, complex inlay, needlepoint, or a combination.  Many of the rings can be worn by men or women so I usually do not to distinguish.  Obviously men tend to have larger fingers so I tag some pieces Size 9 or over as Men's but there is absolutely nothing that precludes a woman wearing them.  Likewise nothing precludes a man wearing a smaller size ring if it will fit his finger. For that reason I have tagged some smaller size rings that are heavier in build as Men's so they will see them.  

Since going live with the site, I have found quite a few people wear rings on virtually every finger so they need a lot of different sizes.

You should let your personal taste dictate what works for you, not my somewhat arbitrary parameters. I've seen men put on things that would never have occurred to me as "appropriate" and they looked absolutely terrific. Likewise some rings I thought might be "men's" look fabulous on a woman so don't get caught up in labels.

  Please note on many that I do have that multiple sizes are available (scroll down individual ring page to the drop-down list)

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