Why show this, you may ask?  I did it because I'm constantly being asked "hey, do you remember that thing you had last year that I really liked?  I'm ready to buy now."  Well, sometimes I remember it and sometimes I don't.  

SOLD doesn't necessarily mean sold out.  I may own more than one or have access something similar. Having this allows people to say, "I want something like this but a little bigger, smaller, with gold, etc."

Not nearly everything gets in here.  If I own multiples of an item, I try to remember to NOT put it here unless I'm out of the piece. Many things get sold before I photograph or post them so you should still ask if you are looking for something specific.

...And sometimes I forget or just don't have time to add items.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If similar items can be attained, you should be prepared for price variations (typically more), some of the SOLD items were purchased literally years ago.

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