Last Update 2/18/24 

What to do if you receive a visibly damaged shipment:

If you receive a shipment, for which you have to sign, and the package has any visible damage, please don't just sign your name

Signing, without noting the issue, indicates you have received it IN GOOD CONDITION and the responsibility shifts to you.  If you sign off as damaged and get a copy of the paperwork, you (we) have recourse. Most shipping companies will not honor claims when you have signed for the shipment without noting visible damage. Photographing it, prior to opening, is always most helpful (in the presence of the delivery personnel is even better.)

If there is hidden damage, you must keep the item, the box, and the packing material for inspection.  



I get it. Sometimes it just isn't what you expected or wanted. I want you to love and enjoy what you get.

Please do not send something back without first contacting me so I can confirm shipping information and know that I should be expecting your package (see return packing guidelines below)

For a refund (not including shipping and insurance), you have 7 days (from date of delivery) to ship it back to me in original condition (the 7 days does not include the return shipping time). No returns are accepted after this time period so please don't send them back as you will be responsible for any cost of returning it to you. Returns must be made by the original purchaser. NOTE - Store credit is no longer offered. 

Assuming the goods are returned on time and in original condition, the order will be refunded less any shipping and insurance costs. This means you will be responsible for the cost of round trip shipping and insurance.

No refunds are available for custom orders, modified or adjusted pieces, items on sale, inventory reduction, and/or marked non-returnable.  

For any customer with high return rates within a short period (generally three or more returned items in one month), we reserve the right to charge up to a 25% restocking fee on any additional and/or future returned items.

You are responsible for the shipment until it is safely back in my hands, send items back uninsured at your own risk. Please retain ALL shipping and insurance paperwork as you will need it to execute any claims. 

We ask you to make every effort to take the same precautions on the return as we take on the outbound shipping to you.


Return packing guidelines:

The item(s) should not move or rattle inside the box or boxes.

Padding between the item and the box walls should be approximately 2 inches or more on all sides. Shipping carriers can deny insurance claims on damaged items if they deem the item was packaged inadequately.

The vast majority of my items can be safely in USPS Small Flat Rate boxes. The boxes are free at the Post Office.  If the box in which the item was sent to you is still in near-perfect condition, you can re-use it, but MUST remove or totally cover all previous shipping labels and markings.  On outbound shipments, I use a lot of tape to protect the boxes, so there is a good chance the box will not be safe for reuse. Either way make sure you put enough padding inside to prevent movement.

If you have received a damaged package, discover hidden damage, and/or are uncertain if you want to keep some or all of the order KEEP ALL OF THE ORIGINAL PACKING.  Even is you are unable to reuse it, you have a good guideline. Any items that were sent double boxed (usually pottery or wall art) should be returned double boxed.

And remember, no item to be shipped should make any sound (rattle or shift inside the box) once it is properly packed!

QUESTIONS? Please ask, I'll be more than happy to help.

 DO NOT USE ANY OTHER ADDRESS (such as old business cards)
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