Specials & Close-outs

The crossed out price represents the original retail as suggested by either the artist or the trader shop from whom it was purchased.  Some items are placed straight into specials with a reduced price from the outset.

When I started the business, I originally planned to do a lot of shows and vendor fairs and I wanted to have less expensive items on hand for those events. 

I have found I do not have time for either the shows or posting hundreds of smaller pieces. Posting an item that sells for $30 costs the same as posting an item that costs $3000. I will still keep selected items of this nature but they will tend to be more from individual artists with whom I work who carry a range of items. Many less expensive items will have one photo instead of several. Due to price reduction I will not make additional photos.

These are items on which I have lowered the price for inventory reduction, close-out, or as a "teaser" that may cycle through for a limited time and then return to the main inventory.  

There may be a few items that have some anomaly I discovered that potentially makes them less desirable; if I think that is the case I will make note of it.  If you have a question about something, please e-mail me as: 

Items in this area are sold "as-is" and are not returnable