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Native Silver & Stone has Relocated to New Mexico



The site itself is open 24/7   There are rare times where the site is down for brief periods as the website host does upgrades or fixes.  They are infrequent and typically are no more than ten to fifteen minutes.

Official hours of the business, for contact purposes, are:

 Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Mountain Time

If you contact me within that time frame, I will get back to you, albeit it may be later than 6:00 PM or the next day.  Weekends, I'm technically closed.  I do not guarantee shipping on the weekend (see shipping) or response  until the following Monday.  That said, it is quite possible you may receive a reply on the weekend or at some goofy hour I happen to be up.

If I am traveling I will place a notice on my landing, shipping, new arrival pages, and this one (Contact Us) as to when I will be back.  If your inquiry can be dealt with via e-mail and I don't need access to the inventory to supply an answer, I'm usually quite good about responding, even when I am on the road. Again, there may be a delay and the reply may come at a crazy hour.


Via e-mail. (If you want to know why - see About Us - In Conclusion (bottom of that page).  IMPORTANT: If my anti-virus and malware programs deem your e-mail as suspicious, I will not reply.  If you are not hearing back from me, you should then try calling (see below).


IF YOUR DOG ATE THE ROUTER OR MODEM (Please, pretty please, read everything BEFORE dialing):

It is most efficient to text my phone with a call-back number and brief explanation of the topic. If you perceive it to be particularly time critical please say so, I can't guarantee it will change response time but I will know it is of particular import to you.

I know, if you have a problem that is vexing you, the temptation will be to call.  Due to my regular work schedule (again, see About Us), I will see and have the ability to respond to an e-mail or text much sooner than a voice mail.  I also like that it is in writing so I can refer back to it, voice mail is not very efficient in this regard.

My text/phone is:  505-506-6846



Please DO NOT send something to me without prior notification to me and acknowledgement from me.  The last part is really important, if you are sending something expecting a quick turn-around or reply and I am not going to be here, you will be unhappy - I want to avoid that.  See Shipping & Returns in re getting something back to me.


Here is the address:

Native Silver and Stone LLC

7 Avenida Vista Grande

Suite B-7 - Box 188

Santa Fe, NM 87508