Under $50

For the budget minded. A selection of quality Native American  jewelry and fetishes for less than $50.  Zuni, Navajo & Santo Domingo (Kewa) predominate in this price range.  Some International Indigenous Arts can be found here too.

IMPORTANT: I own over 300 pieces in this category, it is going to take a LONG time to get them visible here.  Sometimes I post pictures of mixed boxes of items that are in this price range.  If you see something you want, e-mail me with a description of what it is and where it is in the box.  If it is still available, I'll e-mail back to you an isolated photo to confirm we are talking about the same article.  I'll include a price. If you confirm you want it, I'll help you get the sale through.

Thanks for your patience while I get everything photographed and posted.

Combine purchases to reach $100 for free shipping.