Rails & Twist Wire
Sterling Silver
Size: 6-1/2">

Z Franklin & Verna Tahe - Navajo
7/8" Bracelet Cuff
Rails & Twist Wire
Sterling Silver
Size: 6-1/2

Franklin & Verna Tahe, Navajo

Simple & beautiful. Two rows of double twist wire braided sterling silver flanked with domed rails of silver on each side. 

This is NEW OLD STOCK, not previously owned or worn.  It was made by Verna and Franklin Tahe some time between the late 90's and mid 00's.  They were the most active component of the Tahe family at the time sold mostly to wholesale trader shops including the one from whom these were purchased when they were closing out in 2011. 

I was told three years ago, Franklin and Verna were still making jewelry but, most of what you see these days are by Elaine, Nora, and Leander.  The current work, regardless of artist, tends to offer fewer design options. Most are lighter weight and made of copper or silver but I've seen no gold.

I have a good stock of bracelets and earrings I will be putting up.

Most have a slight patina from exposure to air only (never worn).  As some people prefer the patina, after photographing, I have left them unpolished, if you wish to return the shine, use silver polishing cloth or have a jeweler give it a quick buff.


Check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups


Materials: Sterling Silver

Width:  7/8" Wide  Consisting of: Three - 3/16"SS Rails &  Four -1/16" Sterling Silver Twisted Wire Accents. 

Total Bracelet Size(s): 6-1/2"

Inside Measurement (Metal Only): 5-1/4"

Bracelet Opening (Gap): Various

Weight: 1.3oz/38gr/0.084lbs

Signed: Tahe

Hallmarked: Sterling


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