Native Silver & Stone has Relocated to New Mexico




 Shipping:  All shipping information is subject to change.   

In certain instances, we may ask for additional information and/or specific identification. This is to protect you as much as me, there are a lot of bad actors out there stealing cards and identities.

If you want/need an order shipped via a specific method/carrier(other than the one we would use), you will be charged the difference in cost between our method and the one you choose (including if the order is normally subject to free shipping).

We reserve the right to decline to ship any order, in which case your pre-payment, if any, will be refunded.


Small items will be shipped, via USPS Priority.  At our discretion, depending on the items being shipped, an alternative method may be chosen. If I am not traveling, it will likely take 1 - 2 business days (Monday through Friday) to process your order.

If I know I will be unable to ship due to my schedule, I will post a banner on the following pages: landing, shipping, new arrivals, contact us, & the sign-up pop-up notifying you when I will being shipping again. If you have paid, your item will remain reserved for you.

We ship Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Same day shipment cannot be guaranteed but happens fairly frequently on orders received overnight or in the morning. If the timing is right I may get a package out on Saturday but do not guarantee it. 


USA Shipping Charges:

Jewelry and fetishes with an order value less than $100.00:   $8.30 (USA) (New Rate)

Jewelry and fetishes with an order value in excess of $100.00: Free Shipping (USA)


Larger items, that cannot safely fit in USPS Flat Rate boxes (larger fetishes, fine art, sand paintings, pots, weavings, and any other breakable, large, and/or heavy items) will REQUIRE a Shipping Quote - Please E-Mail  me at  Obviously this will delay processing of the order, until we I can assess and post an appropriate price for the shipping.



Unfortunately, the current political climate in the US is very hostile to pretty much everybody else. I apologize but hopefully this will pass sooner than later.  I will work with you the best I can.

Currently only Canada (see below) is available as a standard service. I have done some individual shipping to other countries case-by-case, so they may be visible but you MUST check with me to see if other charges apply.

If you are interested, please ask. 

ALL International Buyers, including Canada - Please Note:

Any VAT, import duties, customs fees, taxes, postal notification, and/or bank fees are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These arrangements and charges are the buyer's responsibility on your end. What you pay me is for the item(s) and the base shipping only.

If you do not already know, please check with your country's post office and/or customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to placing your order.

I would love to give you estimates of the costs on your end but I have no idea what they are, you probably know better than I do.  Any information that you are able to share with me will be most appreciated.

Any packages abandoned by the buyer in customs due to lack of payment will be considered the property of the buyer and will not be refunded.  If the buyer does not want the package, they are solely responsible for making the return shipping arrangements and paying all necessary fees to get the item safely back to me.  If I receive it, undamaged, I will refund the money for the piece less 25% restocking.  Any shipping and insurance charges paid by Native Silver and Stone are not refundable.

One last thing...sorry, I will not mark the package as a gift, I'm small but a legitimate business.

CANADA Shipping:

I'm shipping to Canada now via USPS Priority Flat Rate.   

As with USA shipping of larger, heavier, and more fragile objects must be quoted for each shipment.



I am shipping to the United Kingdom on a case-by-case basis.  Any shipping rate that comes up for the UK is a placeholder to make the service available, actual shipping may be more. You must contact me by e-mail and we can discuss the process.  If the item(s) allow, I ship USPS Priority International Flat Rate Box plus applicable insurance.  



Orders over $300 will be shipped Signature Required. Shippers typically will not pay claims for damage or loss in transit for items that do not have Signature Required. 

Customers who do not want this feature must advise us, in writing, and thereby acknowledge that they waive the right to any compensation for their items should they be damaged or lost in transit.

I get this may be make it tougher to get your package but you want it to actually arrive, right?  If you have any questions please contact us before placing the order. 

Also for your protection, please read about Damaged Shipments (below) and about potential Returns (separate page) prior to ordering so there are no unhappy surprises. I want you to be thrilled with your purchase so it's a good idea to be clear on the terms.


Correct Shipping Info:

I am going to work from whatever information you provide, please take the time to make certain it is correct. You are going to give me some of your hard-earned money for my product(s), let's make sure it's going to get the right destination and you have provided all necessary contact info.


Damaged Shipments:

If you receive a shipment, for which you have to sign and the package clearly has been in a fight of some kind, please don't just sign your name.  Signing indicates you have received it IN GOOD CONDITION and the responsibility shifts to you. 

If you sign off as damaged and get a copy of the paperwork, you (we) have recourse. Most shippers will not honor claims when you have signed for the shipment without noting visible damage.  If there is hidden damage, you must keep the item, the box, and the packing material for inspection.

Photographing a damaged package before you open it is very helpful; better still if this is done in front of the delivery person.


Sales Taxes:

Sorry folks, I have to pay them, so do you. This means you, residents of New Jersey, currently 6.625%. Yes, I am now in New Mexico, but the business is still registered in NJ.  When it moves , orders will be subject to New Mexico sales tax.



Sometimes it just isn't what you loved online.  Please see Returns page.