Glendora (Daubs) Fragua - Jemez Potter



Glendora has been on the potting scene since the mid-1970's. She has won countless awards at Santa Fe Indian Market, New Mexico State Fair, and the Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial to name a few.

Raised for much of her early life in San Francisco area, she moved back to the Pueblo in her teens and under the tutelage of her mother blossomed into one of the top potters of her generation. 

She sometimes collaborated with her former husband, Dennis Daubs.  Both Glendora and Dennis learned from Glendora's mother, noted Jemez potter Juanita Fragua.  Her tremendously talented family also includes potter sister BJ and brother Cliff, a world renowned sculptor whose 7'H depiction of Po'pay represents New Mexico in the Statuary Hall of the US Capitol. 

Her work is featured in the top galleries in the country and at least one of her pieces is part of the permanent collection at the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of the American Indian.

She is particularly noted for her scraffito, depictions of animals, and insets of stones.All work is entirely handmade - no potter's wheel is used at any time.  Glendora collects the clay on the pueblo property, usually works at her home, and then goes back to the pueblo to fire the pieces.  She signs her work with a very distinctive cornstalk, as seen below.

I'm pleased to represent her work and to include her among my friends. I always look forward to spending time with her when I am in New Mexico.

The grouping of the pots above is to show both a selection of her work and give some size perspective; the pots are listed individually below.  Also featured here is the beautiful shadowbox which is unique to Glendora.