12K Gold Fill& Sterling Silver
Band, Beads, & Twist
Size: 6-3/8" Small-Medium">

Z Franklin & Verna Tahe - Navajo
3/4" Bracelet Cuff
12K Gold Fill& Sterling Silver
Band, Beads, & Twist
Size: 6-3/8" Small-Medium

Tahe, Franklin & Verna (Navajo)  SOLD OUT

Beautiful cuff bracelet. Truly one of my absolute favorites of old Tahe work.  I was only able to get two of these, and I'm down to the last one.  

There are two rows of twist wire and smooth wire in the 12K gold fill. Everything else is in Sterling silver.  This is a very classy bracelet that would play well anywhere.

This is NEW OLD STOCK, not previously owned or worn.  Most have a patina from age.  As some people prefer the patina, I have left most of them unpolished, if you wish to return the shine, use silver polishing cloth.  Go easy on the polishing as, over time, you can remove the gold fill down to the base metal.

 This piece is priced based upon cost of Gold and Silver when it was much less expensive. 

Metal: Sterling Silver, 1/20 12k Gold FIlled

Total Bracelet Size: 6-3/8" (Small-Medium)

Inside Measurement (Metal Only): 5-1/4"

Bracelet Opening (Gap): 1-1/8"

Width: 3/4"

Weight: 1.7oz/48g/0.11lbs

Signed: T

Hallmarked: Sterling, 1/20 12K G.F.

Repeatable Design:  This USED to be a repeatable design but I haven't seen it offered in years. I think it would be wise to view it as one-of-a-kind. There are various Tahe's still making bracelets and earrings but the current versions are much lighter weight and made of copper or silver but NO gold that I have seen.


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