New Arrivals

MOST RECENT ADDITIONS:  Bernyse Chavez (5/26/24), Thomas Charley (5/24/24), Raymond Coriz (5/24/24), Secatero & Apache (5/15/24), Artie Yellowhorse (04/18/24), Fetishes (4/13/24), Peter Nelson (4/15/2024)         

 While you will see an emphasis on ARTIE YELLOWHORSE, postings will reflect response to some specific requests, including fetishes.  

New Arrivals currently features items posted since May 2023 and Updated/Corrected Items:

Along with recently purchased items, I am adding older, new items that have never been posted (New Old Stock).  Also included in this collection will be previously posted items that may have been returned due to size issues, or that I have updated with improved photography, information, and/or error corrections.

I may periodically re-post an item I think has gotten lost in the mix and deserves increased visibility.

As I was posting infrequently, while I was still employed at my job, I have left up some older posts. These will be removed as new and/or updated items are added.

I want to thank all you wonderful people who have hung in there, while I transition to retirement.  I know you are there, because as items get posted, they disappear!

Photography is not to scale so please look at the dimensions and take note of the pictures with coins to get perspective.

Items with a Z in front have been sold but left posted for reference purposes.

Items in NEW ARRIVALS section are sorted by most recent additions/updates

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