New Arrivals

In memory of Martha Jackson  1933 - January 16, 2019 

MOST RECENT ADDITIONS: Artie Yellowhorse (05/08) Kenneth Bitsie (05/01) Claudia Peina (11/11) Elgin Tom (7/21)  Tahe (6/29)  Supersmith/David Rosales (6/17) Sheryl Martinez (10/4)  Gene & Martha Jackson (4/29)  Cathy Webster (4/29)  Howard Sice (11/04)  Wil Vandever (10/4) Stoneweaver (10/4)  Albert Eustace (4/8)  L Bruce Hodgins (2/4)  Peter Nelson (2/4)  Destry Siutza (2/4)  Thomas Charley (8/11) Mary Tom (12/17) Hudson Sandy (12/10)    Bruce Morgan (8/19)   Ben Kamasee (7/30)  Dan Quam (7/30)   

A new Yellowhorse order arrived 03/21/19.

Our inventory is the largest online representation of the Stoneweaver line and their artists and one of the top in Yellowhorse.  

I'm slowly (FINALLY) getting around to photographing and posting my inventory of Supersmith.  I probably have 60 to 70 items. Even if they had been (poorly) posted previously, when they are updated, they will appear in New Arrivals.

Still have over 100 pieces of Stoneweaver .  

Among other jewelry artists with incoming work are Mary Tom, Nelson Begay, Lupe Lovato, Raymond Tenorio, Gene & Martha Jackson, Peter Nelson, Howard Sice, Doris Yazzie...and more.

There are over 100 unposted  Fetishes incoming including work from: Hudson Sandy, Travis Lasiloo, Albert Eustace, Derrick Kamassee, Ben Kamassee, Kenny Chavez, Claudia Peina, Herbert Him Sr, Andres Quandelacy...and many more

New Arrivals features items posted since November 2018  and Updated/Corrected Items:

I'm will continue to add older inventory that has never been posted along with the recently purchased items.  Also appearing in this collection may be some previously posted items that I discovered had poor photography, virtually no information, and/or errors of some significance.  I may periodically re-post an item that I think deserves visibility and has gotten lost in the mix.

Items in NEW ADDITIONS section are sorted by most recent additions/updates

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