Native American Jewelry - Earrings - Dangle-French Wire

Native American Jewelry Earrings. Navajo, Zuni, Santo Domingo (Kewa), Hopi.

Featured pieces include works by award winning artists Peter Nelson, Mary Tom, Duane Maktima, Bennard & Frances Dallasvuyaoma, Joe & Le Jeune Chavez, Angie Reano Owen, Howard Sice, Eugene & Georgia Sanchez, Tommy Jackson, among countless others.

Also available are many pieces from the shops of Artie Yellowhorse and David Rosales (Super Smith Inc)

A variety is offered to include silver only, silver with gold, silver with one or more stones, channel inlay, bead work, and combinations.  An attempt has been made to furnish options that will accommodate a wide range of budgets.  You may view the inventory by price ranges to help you stay within your desired budget.

Less than one fifth of our current inventory is posted, so please check back frequently or let us know for what you are may be in stock!

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