Bronze Infused Kingman Turquoise
BR254 "Kingman Gold"
Sterling Silver
Size 6-3/8 (Small-Medium)">

Z Supersmith - David Rosales
7/16" Bracelet
Bronze Infused Kingman Turquoise
BR254 "Kingman Gold"
Sterling Silver
Size 6-3/8 (Small-Medium)

Supersmith-David Rosales - New Mexico, USA

 Kingman Turquoise infused with bronze.  The silver is cast by the lost wax method. All work is handcrafted by Native American jewelry artisans.

Supersmith calls this stone "Kingman Gold", this refers to the color, there is no gold in the piece.

I have other Bronze Infused Stones items by Supersmith and others.

To see other work from this collection click on the Supersmith link, above. 

 Check the dimensions - the photos are extreme close-ups.


The silver base of each piece is cast.  If you are craving a handmade piece, visit my Stoneweaver Collection.

While not entirely one-of-a-kind, this system is the perfect answer for my "matchy-matchy" customers who like quality inlay work.  If I don't have a matching piece, just ask, the beauty of this line is things can be reordered.  It is important to note each piece will be different so you are not going to get and exact match on the inlay design

Materials: Bronze Infused Kingman Turquoise & Cast Sterling Silver

Metal Width: 3/8" (Top) - Tapers to 3/16" (Ends)

Metal Only: 5-1/8"

Opening (Gap): 1-1/4"

Total Inside Measurement) : 6-3/8" - DUE TO INLAY - NOT ADJUSTABLE

Weight: .9oz/26gr/0.057lbs

Signed: CH with Supersmith Logo

Hallmarked: Sterling

Repeatable Design:  The same bracelet can be made but the inlay design will differ on every one. Stone materials have become more scare and expensive so the price may differ

Available in other materials: Yes. Supersmith offers a huge variety of stone combinations but each combination has a specific price tag.

Lead Time For Custom:  Typically 3 to 4 weeks to ship.  This can vary according to availability of materials and volume within the Supersmith Shop.


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