Supersmith Shop - David Rosales

The Supersmith shop is co-owned by Designer David Rosales and John Delgado.  

In the world of Native American jewelry, the Supersmith Shop was the originator of a complete line of repeatable designs that could be customized with a large selection of stone combinations.

They employ Native American artisans to execute the various designs.  The silver work is cast by means of the lost wax method.  The inlay is hand-done and the appearance of each piece will be different based upon the imagination of the individual jeweler doing the work and the stones with which they work.. 

Each design is available to be fabricated in a huge selection of stone combinations. Stone combinations may change over time due to shifts in availability and/or cost of materials.

This system is the perfect answer for my "matchy-matchy" customers who like quality inlay work. I love that they make it easy by numbering the designs and naming the stone combinations.

If I don't currently stock what you want, you can choose the basic design you want and then custom order the specific stone combination. Special orders must be prepaid and, should you choose to cancel cannot be refunded.

I own a fair amount of Supersmith items purchased in 2011 through 2013. I was never happy with the photography of the pieces so very few got posted and those that were had little, or no info as they were some of the first things I hastily put up when I started my site. A customer recently pointed this out to me and I'm now circling back to photograph, post (or re-post with full info), all the lovely items I have.

As my customers know, I also carry a large quantity of another line of inlay.  There are significant enough differences between them for me to justify this.

This is a small selection of what is currently in stock...