Peanut Wood
Twist & Rope
Sterling Silver
Size 6-5/8 (medium)">

Z Artie Yellowhorse - Navajo
1" Bracelet Cuff
Peanut Wood
Twist & Rope
Sterling Silver
Size 6-5/8 (medium)

Artie Yellowhorse, Navajo 

Here's a unique one. This is the first Peanutwood cuff I've had in awhile.  I selected it because, instead of the usual "peanuts" it has swirls that remind me of vanilla caramel-fudge ice cream.  This is the only one I have seen like it. The perimeter consists of double row of carefully twisted silver wires of different sizes, I call it "twist & rope."

Artie is the only person from whom I have been able to acquire peanut wood. 

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Peanut wood is a sedimentary gemstone of petrified driftwood. The light-colored "peanuts" were once holes created by ship worms. When the floating wood became too water-logged, it sank to the bottom and the holes eventually filled with a light-colored sediment. Over time the wood has turned to stone.

Bracelet Size: 6-5/8" (this is a solid "medium")

Bracelet Dimensions (Metal Only): 5-1/4" (The band is adjustable, within limits - I would not recommend this for someone with a wrist smaller than 6")

Opening: 1-1/8"

Width of Silver Band: 1" graduated to 1/4"

Design Dimensions:  2-9/16" x 1-1/16"

Cabochon Dimensions: 35mm x 22mm

Weight: 1.7oz/48gr/0.106lbs

Signed: Artie Yellowhorse

Hallmarked: Sterling

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