Artie Yellowhorse - Bracelets - SOLD

Note: This collection is being actively worked on and is currently incomplete

This collection includes a sampling of bracelets made by Artie Yellowhorse that have come and gone, through the years.  They are left posted for reference purposes. 

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Artie Yellowhorse Bracelets - Current Stock

Many items with a stone(s) are are unique because of the stone.  While it may be possible to do a similar setting, depending upon the stone, it may or may not be possible to replicate. Exceptions to this include Onyx and Carnelian. If a stone appears to be very unique, it probably is and would be difficult, if not impossible to accurately reproduce.  That said, ask me, you never know.

Bracelets of all silver, all gold, or a mix can often be copied, assuming the setting does not require a specific individual to execute the work.  If a particular silversmith is needed, availability of that individual will determine if the piece can be made. 

During the COVID pandemic, many of the smiths are periodically quarantined on the Reservation so, most custom work will have to wait until everyone can return to work.