Z Bison/Buffalo
Zuni Fetish Carving
Ron Laahty
Mother of Pearl Accents

Ron Laahty,   Zuni Fetish Carver

This is a special piece. I've had one other buffalo I liked as much. It is marvelously carved from a material that is rarely used, Labradorite, a type of feldspar.  The material has a wonderful iridescence, the colors shifting between greens, blues, and yellows.

The animal has eyes and beautifully crafted horns of mother of pearl.

Like the last really cool buffalo I had, this was extremely difficult to capture in a photo.

...and, I'd like to keep it for myself!

Ron is part of the spectacularly talented extended family that includes: Ricky Laahty; Lewis Malie; Ruben & Estban Najera; Pernell, Max, & Willard Laate; Elton & Derrick Kaamasee; Destry Suitza; Calvin & Colin Weeka; Jerrold Lahaleon, Dannette Laate, and David Chavez Jr - too mention only a few!

Remember to check the dimensions - the photos are extreme close-ups.

Signed: Ron Laahty (honestly, if you didn't KNOW this, it would be next to impossible to figure out).  It also might be marked Zuni and have a date but they are unintelligible.

Length: 2"

Width:  3/4"

Height: 1-1/8"

Weight: 1.3oz/38gr/0.084lbs


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