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Items made from Pietersite/Pietercite by any artist that were previously in inventory and have SOLD

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First found in 1962, there are only two known sources of Pietersite in the world, Africa and China.

It comes in two varieties, blue-black dominant and gold-brown dominant. Each will often have inclusions of other colors, particularly the gold.

Pietersite is very difficult to photograph accurately because it color shifts in every variation of light.  My photos are usually taken under a variety of light conditions.  The  "brightest" colors are with the most direct light.  The lighting on the other photos is either more subdued or at some kind of angle and/or distance.

Unfortunately the beauty of the chatoyance is not adequately represented.

Sold items are shown, not to frustrate you, but to give you an idea of what has been and may again be available.