Eugene & Georgia Sanchez
Ke-Wa/Santo Domingo Pueblo
Large Triangle Mosaic Inlay
Earrings - French Wire
Turquoise, Pipestone,White MOP,
and Jet

Eugene & Georgia Sanchez  Kewa (Santo Domingo Pueblo), New Mexico  Native American Indian jewelry


Award winning artists (as recently as Santa Fe Indian Market 2014)  Incredible one-of-a kind multi-inlay

Eugene and Georgia's work is very recognizable. It's not at all uncommon for others to copy new designs but these items are so intricate and work-intensive, I'm not sure anyone else will want to tackle it.

EACH EARRING triangle has approximately 146 separate hand-cut and set linear, square, and triangular inlays. The stones are Turquoise, Pipestone, White Mother of Pearl, and Jet. 

As they use Jet backing they are very lightweight for their size. This is a double-edged sword, the lack of silver makes them more fragile - don't go dropping these on a hard floor!

Remember to check the dimensions - the photos are extreme close-ups

 Total Earring Drop:  2-1/2"

Height (Earring only):  2"

Width: 1"

Depth: 1/8"

Weight for the Pair:  .oz/gr

Signed: Yes with their identifying 3 Dot logo markings

Repeatable Design:  These are so intricate, every one they make, even if they are trying to duplicate, will be different.

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