LeJeune & Joe Chavez
Kewa/Santo Domingo, Seminole
Elongated Oval Earrings - French Wire
Handmade Beaded Perimeter with
Green Royston Turquoise

Joe & LeJeune Chavez - Chavez Designs

Absolutely stunning, these make a real statement.  Turquoise cabochon, Cut Beads, Seed Beads with leather backing. The color of the blue beads is slightly more to green turquoise than pictured here.The earrings are lighter than you might think due to being backed with a soft suede.

I think Lejeune is the best artist at what she does, her execution is flawless, everything in place. Add in Joe's stone work and you have unparalleled work. 

I had to negotiate pretty hard to get them to allow me to sell their goods.  They don't usually work with resellers and attend only a couple of shows a year but boy are they busy at those shows!  Their work is in high demand. 

Remember to check the dimensions - photos are taken in extreme close-up


Signed:  LeJeune

Total Earring Drop: 3"

Earring Height:  2-5/8"

Width: 1-3/8"

Depth: 1/8"

Weight for Pair: .6oz/16gr/,04lbs

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