Handmade Silver and Copper
Overlay with Stamping
Size 6-3/8" (silver cuff)">

Wylie Secatero Navajo
3 in 1 Bracelet Cuffs 7/8"
Handmade Silver and Copper
Overlay with Stamping
Size 6-3/8" (silver cuff)

Wylie Secatero, Navajo - New Mexico, USA 

Randy Secatero's son Wylie proves the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I first met him Santa Fe Indian Market 2016 when I picked up this cuff and several others from him.  (I'm just getting around to posting - 2018).

What an incredibly clever idea he had.  He started with the wider "base" bracelet of all sterling silver.  It is fully covered with stamping designs.  Then he made a narrower copper/silver combo cuff that clips over the base bracelet into a purpose-built indentation.  You can remove the copper/silver cuff to wear either it, or the base bracelet, individually.  How cool is that?!  Three cuffs in one!

The workmanship is excellent, he has learned well from his father and step mother.  He also is a very nice young man.

Some people have more acidic perspiration than others, they are more likely to experience some skin discoloration from the copper than others. It doesn't hurt anything and can be washed off.  Wipe your bracelet down each night to help remove the acids.

I polished the cuffs for the photographs but they will be shipped in whatever state of patina they are at that time.  Some people are pretty picky about patina, you can remove it but only time will put it back.

This is a unisex bracelet so it will be found under the men's category.

Materials:  Sterling silver and copper

Base (silver only) Bracelet Size: 6-3/8" Medium

Base (silver only) Bracelet (Metal Only): 5-1/2"

Base Bracelet (silver only) Opening:  1-1/8"

Clip-on (copper/silver) Bracelet Size: 6-15/16" Medium

Base (silver only) Bracelet (Metal Only): 5-3/4"

Base Bracelet (silver only) Opening:  1-3/16"

Combined Total Weight: 2.2oz/61g/0.13lbs

Signed: WS

Hallmarked: Sterling  Copper

Adjustability: Both are adjustable as they are metal only.  The copper-silver will likely have to be adjusted for comfort and fit as you use it alone and put it back on the base cuff.

NOTE: Jewelry the has been adjusted is not returnable.


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