Randy Secatero and Sylvana Apache - Handmade Native American Jewelry


6/18/24:  I received large order (33 items) and, in the next couple of days, will start photographing and posting.

What is found here is what is currently posted and available.  If you wish to see previously sold work, click the link below:

 Randy Secatero and Sylvana Apache - Previously SOLD work


Navajo jewelers working in sterling silver and a specialty of copper with silver overlay and stamping.  Their work is very popular as it is so well done and reasonably priced.

Randy & Sylvana are a very sweet, hardworking couple.  I enjoy working with them immensely and respect their consistency and professionalism.

Sylvana does some beautiful inlay work that is then combined with their metal work.  If I don't have any on hand, rest assured, I will be adding some back into stock soon.  Randy's sons, Lyle and Wylie both learned their craft from him,

Note: They are very accommodating in helping me get bracelets for exceptionally small or large wrists.

They are members of the Canoncito band of Navajo and live on the To'hajillee Reservation, west of Albuquerque.