Z Bear-Standing
Zuni Fetish Carving
Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam
Jet with Turquoise Eyes

Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam, Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico, USA

Absolutely adorable bear with great lines when viewed from any angle.

Vernon started carving in the 1980's with brother Ronnie and then taught other siblings.  Vernon was heavily influenced by his wife.

Bears are one of the most important animals to Native Americans, their prevalence in carving reflects that and non-native love of the animal too.

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 Check the dimensions - the photos are extreme close-ups.


Signed: Zuni VLPQ

Depth: 3/4"

Width: 15/16"

Height: 1-5/8"

Weight: 1.7oz/49gr/.11lbs


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