Z Kenneth Bitsie - Navajo
Bracelet Link Inlay
Picture Jasper, Tiger Eye, Onyx
and Opal
Sterling Silver

Kenneth Bitsie, Navajo  

This is a stand-out piece of beautiful inlay work. The stone combination really pops. The picture jasper looks like the grain in wood, just stunning. This could be worn by a man or a woman.

Kenneth is one of the long time members of the consortium of artists that comprises Stoneweaver. Unlike most inlay shops (Supersmith and Calvin Begay, as examples), the Stoneweaver work is handmade not cast.

This is not a slam against either of them or their work, I carry Supersmith but handmade requires a lot more work.

The quality control is very high and the "bang for the buck" is fabulous when taking into account the materials and work required.  There is a lot of attention to detail

Gift Boxed

Materials:  Picture Jasper, Onyx, Imitation Opal, &  Sterling Silver

Total Length End-to-End: 7-15/16"

Dimensions of Center Inlay Section: 2"L x 3/8"H

Dimensions of Graduated Side Inlay Sections (2): 1"L x 5/16"H to 1/8"H (graduated)

Length as Worn:  Should fit wrists from approx 6+" to 7+"

This bracelet can be adjusted, smaller or larger, by having a jeweler remove or add a link.  Any jewelry that has been adjusted is not returnable.

 Weight: .6oz/17g/.037lbs

Signed: Kenneth Bitsie

Hallmarked: USA Sterling

Repeatable Design:  Each piece is handmade, similar may be found at some time but it is best to look at this as one of a kind.  It will be the luck of the draw to find the same combination of materials in the same setting. (see below)

Available in Other Materials: Qualified yes. Typically a "batch" will be made using the same setting design but the inlay materials and designs will each be different. 


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