James Lee - Navajo
Native American Jewelry - Ring
Multi-Inlay Diamond
Chinese Turquoise
Imitation Opal and Onyx
XXL Size 12-3/4

Artist/Source: James Lee - Navajo Jewelry- New Mexico, USA 

Native American Indian Jewelry

Description: This is a beautiful XXXL ring of Number 8 Turquoise could be the solution for that special gift for the person with a large ring size.  I picked up (5) stunning rings of James work ranging in size from 11-1/4 to 13-1/2.  I wanted to have something on hand for those folks who have such a hard time finding something special in their size. All are the same shape but entirely different as to their inlay, they are handmade NOT cast.

Of course as soon as I bought these I got received a call from a gentleman with a size 14 finger...

Type: Ring Extra Extra Extra Large - Size 12-3/4

Metal: Sterling Silver

Stones or Other Materials: Chinese Turquoise, Imitation Opal, Onyx

Weight: .4oz/11gr/.024lb

Signed: Not Signed   

Hallmarked: Sterling

Repeatable Design:  See above

Available in other materials: See above.


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