Multi-Inlay Turquoise
Zig Zag Accent
Sterling Silver">

Z Eldrick & Charlotte Seoutewa - Zuni
"S" Cuff Bracelet
Multi-Inlay Turquoise
Zig Zag Accent
Sterling Silver

Eldrick & Charlotte Seoutewa - Zuni

This is a lovely example of the Seoutewas inlay work.  Depending on the size of your wrist, it can be worn tight around the wrist or as a loose drop-down bracelet that slides onto the top of the hand.  

Due to the size, I have included it in the men's area, it is totally a matter of taste as to whether it would work.

I picked up quite a few pieces at 2015 Santa Fe Indian Market.  Their work is all handmade and executed with greater skill and precision than the less expensive "shop" version of similar designs. They are mostly using Kingman turquoise now due to the extreme expense associated with what available of Sleeping Beauty.

A large amount of Zuni work is unsigned and un-hallmarked but the Seoutewa's do both on almost everything

Nice people and active in their Pueblo community affairs.

Please check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups 
The photos are often MUCH larger than the actual piece

Materials: Kingman Turquoise & Sterling Silver

Size (Total): 7-1/8"  This bracelet could probably be adjusted by an 1/8" if done from the bottom.

Size : 5-13/16" (Metal Only) plus 1-5/16" Gap

Dimensions of Inlay: (2"L x 5/16"H)

Weight: .5oz/14g/.03lb

Signed: E.C.S. (logo) Zuni

Hallmarked: Sterling


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