Cable Twist - Small
Sterling Silver
Size 6-1/4 (Medium)">

Z Artie Yellowhorse - Navajo
7/32" Bracelet Cuff
Cable Twist - Small
Sterling Silver
Size 6-1/4 (Medium)

Artie Yellowhorse, Navajo

Artie has a variety of twist wire and cable cuffs.  This is the smaller version cable she makes.   This style existed in Native American jewelry LONG before David Yurman came on the scene and these are handmade.   Perfect for stacking. 

Sorry for the bad quarter, the priority posting, it only showed up bad in the photo...

 Check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups 
The photos are often MUCH larger than the actual piece


Materials:  Sterling Silver

Bracelet Width (Band): 7/32" 

Bracelet Size: 5-1/4" (Metal Only) plus 7/8" Gap

 Weight: 1.1oz/32g/0.07lb

Signed: Artie Yellowhorse

Hallmarked: Sterling

P2-101519, P121617

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