Z Supersmith - David Rosales
Native American Handcrafted
Bracelet Link - Shalako BR105
Sugilite, Chinese Turquoise,
& Lab Opal

Super Smith (David Rosales)   New Mexico, USA

Handcrafted by staff Navajo jewelers

This beautiful piece marries the most popular Super Smith link-style bracelet with one of the most demanded stone combinations (Shalako.)  It's a real win-win combination! 

The stunning Russian Sugilite (purple) is becoming very hard to get and commensurately more expensive. Despite it's popularity, David has been mulling over swapping out Sugilite for a different purple. I hope he doesn't have to as there is nothing quite like it. 

The Super Smith shop is co-owned by designer David Rosales and business partner and cousin, John Delgado.  They employ Native American artisans to realize the basic designs.

Each piece is different based upon the imagination of the individual jeweler doing the work.  Each design is available to be fabricated in a huge selection of stone combinations.

Search by SHALAKO if you are interested in matching pieces. Special order available - see below.

Materials: Sugilite, Chinese Turquoise, Synthetic (Lab) Opal, Sterling Silver


Shalako BR105 - L2

Repeatable Design:  Similar

Available in other materials: Yes, huge selection, special order- typically 3 to 4 weeks

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