Z Supersmith - David Rosales Jewelry
Bracelet Cuff
Native Light Multi-inlay
Picture Jasper, Black Jade,
Tiger Eye, & Lab Opal
Size 6-7/16" (Medium)

Supersmith - David Rosales   Handcrafted by Navajo jewelers.  New Mexico

Spectacular piece of micro inlay work, all hand done. This features Super Smith's  extremely popular "Native Earth" stone combination and adds opal to create "Native Light"  which causes the work to become iridescent.


 The heavy sterling silver band is a graduated width going from 1-1/2" down to 1" width. The only downside to this is there is NO ADJUSTMENT as it is entirely inlaid .  If the sizes described below (metal plus gap) won't fit you - don't even try.  I you have a medium wrist, this will work.

There's just no way around it, you HAVE to see this to fully appreciate it; even a good photographer wouldn't do it justice.  Place your cursor over the photo you have selected and you will get a close-up. If there is anything else I can provide to you , information-wise, please e-mail me. Note-this was previously posted but had no details.

The Super Smith shop is co-owned by Designer David Rosales and John Delgado.  They employ Native American artisans to realize the designs.  Each piece is different based upon the imagination of the individual jeweler doing the work.

Materials: Picture Jasper, Tiger Eye, Black Jade, Synthetic Opal, Sterling Silver

Size: 6-7/16" (Medium)

Metal Only: 5-3/16"

Gap (Opening): 1-1-1/4"

Width (top ): 1-1/2"W/H

Width (bottom) : 1"W/H

Depth (thickness of the silver band): 1/8"

Signed: W with the Supersmith Logo

Weight: 2.9oz/ 79gr/0.174lbs

Repeatable Design:  The stone combination, yes, but the piece should be viewed as one-of-a-kind

Available in other materials: Bracelets of this size can be made from a huge selection of materials but each bracelet inlay will be entirely different.

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