Bear - Oaxacan Alebrijes
Painted Wood Carving
Margarita & Luis Sosa Calvo
Hand Carved & Painted

Margarita & Luis Sosa Calvo. A beautiful bear made of the local copa wood.  The figures are carved with hand tools and allowed to dry. They are then sanded and painted.  The painting can vary from quite simple to extremely intricate and precise.  The colors run from earth tones to unbelievably gaudy.  There are some artists who have become internationally famous. 

Like the Native American artists, if someone hits on a successful design or formula, it tends to get copied.  Occasionally the person doing the copying actually executes the design better than the originator.

Most of the alebrijes you see are larger than this, usually times MUCH larger.  I had an opportunity to pick up a few really well executed small pieces and decided to do so. This bear is actually the largest piece I bought.  If you folks enjoy them, I may try to get more.

 Remember to check the dimensions - the photos are extreme close-ups

 Signed: Hecho Por Margarita y Luis Sosa Calvo

Length: 5"

Width: 2-1/2"

Height:  2-3/8"

Weight: 3.1oz/90g

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