Standing Fish - Oaxacan Alebrijes
Jacobo & Maria Angeles
Painted Wood Carving

Jacobo & Maria Angeles. Oaxaca, Mexico. This adorable fish was done by THE premier artists in this medium.  The Angeles' have had exhibitions of their work at galleries around the globe.  Most of their pieces are much larger, more intricate, and way more expensive.  I've never seen pieces this small advertised.



When looking through a selection of Oaxacan work,  I was particularly drawn to two little carvings that were exceptionally well executed and BOTH turned out to be Jacobo and Maria (see hedgehog elsewhere, if it isn't gone).  Even though they are very small (see dimensions below) you can just see the quality of the work.



Alebrijes are made of the local green copa wood.  The figures are carved with hand tools and allowed to dry. They are then sanded and painted.  The painting can vary from quite simple to extremely intricate and precise.  The colors run from earth tones, like this piece, to unbelievably gaudy.  A few artists have achieved international recognition. Jacobo and Maria are at the very top of the heap. 



Like the Native American artists, if someone hits on a successful design or formula, it tends to get copied.  Occasionally the person doing the copying actually executes the design better than the originator.  There are a lot of people who try to copy the Angeles' and some are very very good but, in my opinion, in this case, the original is the best.



This is your opportunity to pick up a Jacobo and Maria for a song.  I honestly don't know if Ill ever get any of these again.



Remember to check the dimensions - the photos are extreme close-ups






Signed:  Hecho   Por Talley Jacobo y Maria Angeles     San Martin Tilacajte     Oco.Oax.Mex,     (Symbol)






Length: 2-1/2"

Width: 1-3/4"



Height:  2-3/8"



Weight: .6oz/16g



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