Turquoise Triangle - Vertical
Curved Stamped Disks
Sterling Silver">

Z Wil Vandever - Navajo
9/16" Pendant
Turquoise Triangle - Vertical
Curved Stamped Disks
Sterling Silver

Wil Vandever, Navajo Jewelry

Wil passed away October 29, 2018.

This totally handmade piece is a huge departure for Wil.  It isn't his trademark style but features his fine silver-work and stone. Wil get's frustrated that his "audience" resists him doing anything but this signature work.

One of my customer's had told me she has earrings in this style.   This too was a departure because he didn't make very many earrings.

Wil's used good stones but did not always provide the origin of the turquoise.  

Wil was a rock star in Japan. The Japanese LOVE Native American jewelry (can you blame them)?  Historically, a very large portion of Wil's work got sold to Japan.  

He almost exclusively worked in cuff bracelets, pendants, and rings.

Materials:  Turquoise & Sterling Silver  

Total Height (including bail): 3-3/8"W

Bail Opening (Inside):  3/4"H x 1/4"W

Total Pendant (only) Dimensions:  9/16"H x 17/32"W

Turquoise Cabochon (only) Dimensions: 1/2"H x 1/2"W

Weight:   .6oz/ 17g/ .04lb

Signed: Logo with WCV

Hallmarked: Sterling

Repeatable Design:  One-of-a-kind.  Never seen him do this before.


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