Red Skin (Chinese) Turquoise
Triangle Cabochon
Size 6-3/8" (Small-Medium)">

Z Wil Vandever - Navajo Jewelry
Angle Bracelet
1-1/2" Cuff Silver with
Red Skin (Chinese) Turquoise
Triangle Cabochon
Size 6-3/8" (Small-Medium)

Wil Vandever, Navajo Jewelry - New Mexico, USA    Native American Jewelry


Spectacular piece. This is only the second time Wil has made this design (a friend of mine purchased the first the moment she saw it).  This is a very unique design.  It is meant to glide up and down your wrist and rest on your upper hand when your arm is lowered.  Regular sizing doesn't exactly translate on this, the person who purchased it has a larger than 6-3/8" wrist.  Fortunately there is quite a bit of leeway in the adjustment.  I will try to get a better group of photos of the bracelet being worn; I couldn't take the photo and have my hand angled down.  Anyway who wants to look at a wrinkly old hand!

I absolutely love Wil's work. His is a very distinct style with wire coil, twist wire, saw cuts, and stamping - all handmade.  He has always been known for utilizing excellent stones, which is getting more difficult and expensive all the time. Historically he almost exclusively works in cuff bracelets, pendants, and rings.

In the comparison photo, this bracelet is on the left.  

Type: Bracelet - Cuff

Metal: Sterling Silver

Stones or Other Materials:  Red Skin (Chinese) Turquoise Cabochon.  Wil says this is a natural stone. From what I have read most Chinese turquoise has been stabilized.  For what it's worth, stabilization, done correctly, is not necessarily a bad thing as it helps prevent discoloration of the stone by body oils, acids, etc.

Total Bracelet Size: 6-3/8" - (Medium)

Inside Measurement (Metal Only): 5-3/8"

Bracelet Opening (Gap):  1"

Adjustable: Yes

Bracelet Width (Cuff): 1-1/2" at widest point (top)

Turquoise Cabochon: 1"H x 1"W

Weight: 2.3oz/64g

Signed:  Logo & WCV

Hallmarked: Sterling


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