Sugilite, Chinese Turquoise,
& Imitation Opal
ER085 Shalako Multi-Inlay
Sterling Silver">

Z Supersmith-David Rosales
1" Earrings - Post
Sugilite, Chinese Turquoise,
& Imitation Opal
ER085 Shalako Multi-Inlay
Sterling Silver

Supersmith Shop (David Rosales) - Handcrafted by Navajo Jewelers 

Beautiful!  ER085 is a popular earring style.  The "Shalako" stone combination is probably my most popular and I'm very partial to it myself. 

In the world of Native American jewelry, the Super Smith Shop was originator of a complete line of repeatable designs that could be customized with a large selection of stone combinations.  All Supersmith jewelry is created by a large staff of Navajo craftspeople. I love that they make it easy by numbering the designs and naming the stone combinations; this makes mixing and matching easier.  

While not entirely one-of-a-kind this system is the perfect answer for my "matchy-matchy" customers who like quality inlay work.  If I don't have a matching piece, just ask, the beauty of this line is things can be reordered.  It is important to note each piece will be different so you are not going to get and exact match on the inlay design. Custom orders must be prepaid and are not returnable.

Please pardon the various light reflections on the silver.

Gift Boxed

Combination Design: SHALAKO 

Materials: Sugilite, Chinese Turquoise, Imitation Opal, Sterling Silver

Height - Total: 1"H 

Height - Total Drop (from post): 7/8"H 

Width - (Graduated Top to Bottom): 3/8"W at Top - 3/16"W at Bottom

Depth (Silver): 5/32" at Top - 1/8" at Bottom

Signed: C

Hallmarked: Sterling

Weight: .4oz/10gr/0.022lbs

Repeatable Design:  Yes - similar (search the site for ER085), I usually carry this style in a number of varieties, sometimes more than one pair in the same stone combination)

Available in other materials: Yes, huge selection, special order

P0315 RP061118

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