Z Dean Owen
Santo Domingo/Ke-Wa Jewelry
Earrings - French Wire Oval

Dean Owen, Kewa / Santo Domingo  Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico, USA

Native American Indian Jewelry

Pretty mosaic turquoise ovals backed with wood.  Various grades of turquoise were used and sanded to achieve the color differences.

Dean is Angie Reano Owen's son. He usually collaborates with his wife, Rena but these are specifically his.  For obvious reasons their work shows the influence of his mother, from whom they both learned.  

Honestly when they share a booth with Angie, I find myself selecting Dean & Rena's work as often as Angie's.  While this is partly based on budget, they do nice work. Most Kewa earrings are quite light for their size due to the limited use of metal and the lightweight of the materials.

Purchased directly from the artist.

Rubber clutches are provided to help prevent earring loss

***Check dimensions - photos are extreme close-ups***
***Combine with other items to achieve Free Shipping for orders over $100***


Gift Boxed

Metals: Sterling Silver (Findings)

Materials: Blue, Green, White Turquoise - Backed by Wood

Height (Total Drop): 1-1/8"

Height (Earring Only): 15/16"

Width: 5/8"

Weight: .1oz/4gr/.0088lb

Signed: Unsigned

Hallmarked: No.  Kewa work is rarely hallmarked

Repeatable Design:  One-of-a-kind, similar items may become available from time to time.


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