Miscellaneous Artist (Zuni)
Earrings - Post
Wagonwheel of Needlepoint
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Artist: Miscellaneous Artist, Zuni, NM

Description:  Post Earrings.  These were probably commissioned piecework for the trader on the Zuni Pueblo, from whom I purchased them in 2011.  They have languished in my closet waiting for me to get my website up, photograph, and post. Excellent value for the price.  

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

Materials: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (Mine closed in 2011), Sterling Silver

Diameter: 9/16"

Signed: Unsigned

Hallmark: No

Weight: .1oz/3gr/.007lbs

Repeatable Design:  Vera Halusewa makes a similar, larger version.

Available in other materials: Don't know


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