Betty Wilson - Navajo
Rug - Weaving
100% Natural Wool
Two Grey Hills

Betty Wilson - Navajo Weaver

Handmade Two Grey Hills 100% wool rug from Toadlena, New Mexico  area of Navajo Reservation. This is a new rug.

The rug is quite soft. The corners are square. The design is consistent and it is quite even when pulled from top to bottom.

Betty definitely has a favored design that she works around.  I saw another of her weavings recently.  The rug was bigger, the design was similar, and relative to it's size was priced closely to this one.  HOWEVER, in my humble opinion, this is a far superior piece in its execution.

Why, you ask, doesn't this come with all the goodies some of the other weavings do?  The Trading Post had a designated financial cut off point below which they do not provide all that info - this didn't make the cut.  It doesn't mean it isn't a nice rug, it just costs a bit less.

Size: 27" x 37"

Completed: 4/15/2011

Supplied with photo of weaver holding the rug.



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