E.A. Miscellaneous Artist
Navajo Jewelry
Medium Large Oval - Simbercite
Saw Cut & Beaded Sterling Silver Accents - Size 8

Artist: EA  for Trader Shop, New Mexico, USA

Materials: Simbercite, Sterling Silver

Description:  This is a really nice example of Simbircite.  Simbircite is such a dramatic stone, so full of various textures and shades.  Semi-transparent and veined with various shades of amber, brown, white, grey/silver.  

Mined in the territory of Ulanovskaya (Simbirsk region) of Russia.  It was first found in 1765 but took on it's current name only in 1985.

It is comprised of calcite, marl, pyrite, and pieces of ammonites and various other ancient sea life. It is figured to take up to 160 million years to form.  It is both a fossil and a gemstone.  The silver pyrie lines were once the shells of the ammonite in which the crystals of the stone started to form.

I have another ring and a pendant with different inclusions.  I also have some spectacular Simbercite pieces in my Artie Yellowhorse collection.  It was Artie who first showed me this amazing stone.

Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups

 Overall Dimensions (including silver perimeter): 2-1/16"H x 1-5/32"W

Stone Dimensions: 1-13/16"H x 15/16"W

Signed: EA

Hallmark: Sterling

Weight: .3oz, 9gr, .02lb

Repeatable Design:  There were other similar pieces available at time of purchase but I felt this was the best of this design.

Available in other materials: Not really, similar sizes and shapes may become available from time to time but I buy in person based upon the specific piece.


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