Rounds with Center Linear Rails
Sterling Silver">

Karlex Yazzie - Navajo
9/16" Earrings
Rounds with Center Linear Rails
Sterling Silver

Karlex Yazzie, Navajo

Pretty small silver rounds with center linear, contrasting, raised and incised (oxidized) channels.  Karlex is the son of Tom Hawk, hence the resemblance in the style.

FYI, the marks you see in the silver are reflections, the silver is clear.  These remind me a bit of some Artie Yellowhorse earrings but, smaller and good for a COVID Christmas budget. 

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Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups


Gift Boxed

Materials:  Sterling Silver

Diameter: 9/16"

Total Drop (from ear):  7/16"

Weight:  .1oz/3gr/0.007lbs

Signed: Y (Karlex Yazzie)

Hallmarked: Sterling

P082017 RP120720

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