Henry Chackee, Navajo - Handmade Sawcut Silver-for Artie Yellowhorse



Henry does some of the finest "sawcut" work in handmade Native American jewelry. He works almost exclusively for Artie Yellowhorse.  Look at the stunning detail and precision, all done by hand.

Henry is one of the few artists in Artie's shop that get to sign their work alongside her name.  He is not consistent in this, sometimes he signs, sometimes, he doesn't.

He has had a lot of health issues the last few years, which has dramatically cut down on his output.  He is in his late 50's and has diabetes.  A couple of summers ago, he broke one of his arms falling off his horse.  During COVID, he has stayed on the Reservation, which, tragically, has been very seriously impacted by extensive illness and deaths.

I don't know how much longer Henry will be working. If you have been hankering for something from him, I suggest you buy it when you see it, there is just no telling when or if you will get another chance.

SOLD ITEMS get marked with a "Z" at the front of the description.  I leave some of these up on the site for reference purposes, unless they were sold very recently, they will be found after the current stock.