Z Wolf/Coyote (Bushytail) - Howling
Zuni Fetish Carving
Dan Quam
Serpentine with Turquoise Accents

Dan Quam, Zuni Fetish Carver, Zuni Pueblo, NM

What a great bushytail (term used for canids including wolf, coyote, and fox).  I've read Dan uses jadeite and this might be made of that. I'm not familiar enough with that stone to lay claim this is jadeite but is doesn't look like regular serpentine.

The little bits of white "schmutz" on the piece are from the cotton gloves I was using to handle the piece, it wasn't visible to the naked eye or I would have removed it...sorry.

Dan is among the most  highly reguarded fetish artists, actively carving since 1982.  He was a jeweler prior to this date.

Dan is the older half-brother of the Cheama siblings: Wilfred,Lance, Arvella, Fabian. It is believed that Dan was the first in Zuni to adopt and develop the realistic style of carving, which he taught to his very successful brothers and sisters.

Remember to check the dimensions - the photos are extreme close-ups.

Signed: DQ

Length (head to tail):  1-3/8"

Width:  13/16"

Height: 2-1/16"

Weight: 1oz/27g/.06lb


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