Artie Yellowhorse - Dogwood Collection

I created this little collection (not so little anymore) so you could easily find all the dogwood items at once.  If I don't have something in stock, e-mail or text me. Nearly everything I have is posted, but I have more things on order.  

Timing on receiving reorders is wildly variable.  If, I'm lucky and they have it on hand, it will be days.  If it is scheduled for fabrication and I can "piggyback" it can be weeks.  

If it is scheduled and they are busy (lately this is ALL the time) it can be months.  You just have to ask and I'll get you an answer.  If you have a "drop dead" date by which you need something, please tell me because the estimates I get from Yellowhorse are theirs, not mine, and they can and do change!