River Maiden Triangle
Turquoise Mosaic Multi-Inlay">

Timothy Bailon - Ke-Wa Santo Domingo
3-1/4"H Large Pendant
River Maiden Triangle
Turquoise Mosaic Multi-Inlay

Timothy Bailon, Ke-Wa - Santo Domingo Pueblo - New Mexico, USA

Beautiful large pendant (Omega not included) .  Timothy does really beautiful and unique work that is a combination of metal and stone work.  I've only seen one other artist do anything similar and I'm not sure if they are related.  In any case, he is very sparingly represented in the retail market so I'm always pleased to handle his work. 

Please read the information at the link below about the metals & materials used by Timothy.


Gift Boxed


Metal:  Appears to be Silver - nothing on this piece is magnetic. Ice melts and imprints instantly when applied

Materials: Variety of Turquoise, Blue & Green 

Height x Width Overall:  4-1/8"H x 2-1/2"W

Height x Width Pendant Only (not including bale or top silver accent): 3-1/4"H x  1-7/8"W

Weight: 1oz/28gr

Signed: No, not unusual for Ke-Wa work

Hallmarked: No, not unusual for Ke-Wa work (See above for more details)



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