Size 6-1/8 (Small)">

Z Thomas Charley/Thomas Charlie
Navajo Bracelet
1/2" Cuff Segmented "Melon"
Size 6-1/8 (Small)

Thomas Charley (sometimes spelled Thomas Charlie) Navajo Jewelry

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 TC 1/2" Cuff - All Silver 6-3/8" 

TC 1/2" Cuff - All Silver 6-1/8"

It's classy and unmistakable. This style is sometimes referred to as "melon". This is the second largest he makes in this unique design.  Click on Thomas's name, above to take a look at the other items I have available. 

His signature style is often imitated with varying degrees of success.   I have some very similar work by Monte Richardson that is extremely good. I picked it up during a time Thomas was not working and am selling what is left at a highly discounted price. 

Sterling Silver 1/2" Cuff Bracelet

Total Bracelet Size: 6-1/8" - (Small)  (Gap):  7/8"

Inside Measurement (Metal Only): 5-1/4"

Due to the way this is fabricated adjustment will tend to deform the design so NOT advisable. Any jewelry that is adjusted or altered in any way is not returnable

Weight: .6oz/17g/.04lbs

Signed: TC    Hallmarked: Sterling

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