(5)- Link 5/8H" x 5/8"L
Size 6 to 7">

Z Thomas Charley/Charlie - Navajo
5/8" - Link Segmented "Melon"
(5)- Link 5/8H" x 5/8"L
Size 6 to 7

Thomas Charley (also spelled Thomas Charlie) Navajo Jewelry

This 5 segment link bracelet is a really well done. I've always thought this design is exceptionally pretty. Thomas makes several link bracelet versions. This is a signature style for the artist and often imitated with varying degrees of success.  It is sometimes referred to as "melon" design.

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Materials: Sterling Silver

Total Bracelet Size: Approximately 6 to 7" - 3 Jump Rings Allow for Adjustment - Small-Medium-Large

Segment Dimensions (not including link) : 5/8"H x 7/8"L (NOTE: each segment is slightly curved-flat dimension of each segment is ~1")

Inside Measurement (Bracelet Links Only - not including rings): 5"

Bracelet Jump Rings (3) Length :  1-1/2"

Latch End Length :  7/8"

Adjustable: Yes, dependant upon which jump ring you select to use.

Weight: 1.6oz/45gr/0.1lbs

Signed: TC

Hallmarked: Sterling


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