Z Stanford Gchachu
Zuni Pendant
3 Small
Sun Face Multi-Inlay
Opal, White Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, Jet, and
Purple & Orange Spiny

Stanford Gchachu   Zuni Jewelry - Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico, USA

This signature, elaborate small Sun Face design is beautiful.  When I see Stanford's pieces, I grab them, I had a wonderful ring (you can see it under Miscellaneous - SOLD). He mixes up his gem stone choices which help make his work stand out. 

The comparison photo is of several versions I picked up simultaneously.  I'm posting them all on the same day so, early bird gets the worm.

The Sun Face Kachina is extremely sacred to the Zuni.  Portraying a Zuni Kachina in it's totality for anything but closed (to non-Zuni's) religious ceremonies is strictly forbidden. At some point it became acceptable to represent the face only. Since that time, it has become one of the most popular designs in Zuni jewelry. 

Stanford is a nephew of well known Zuni jeweler Smokey Gchachu.

Materials: Opal, White Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, Jet, Purple & Orange Spiny, & Sterling SIlver

Total Drop (including bail): 1-1/4"H

Dimensions (Pendant only): 3/4"H x 1/2"W

Weight: .1oz/2gr/.004lb

Signed: Stanford Gchachu Zuni  (engraved)


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