Siow - Zuni
Native American
Needlepoint Turquoise Pendant
Circle with Silver Accents
with 18" Silver Box Chain

Miscellanous Artist Siow   Zuni,  New Mexico

This is a really pretty piece, extremely well executed for the price.  The 18" silver chain is non-native being of Italian origin.  

I found someone on line had sold one of these as vintage (1970's) for close to $60 and said the artist was listed as Thomas Richard Siow.  I don't know on what that was based.  There are several Siows making jewelry now but their hallmark does not look like this and they usually put a first initial on the piece.

In any case this piece is beautiful and was purchased new several years ago.

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Remember to check the dimensions - the photos are extreme close-ups. 

Gift Boxed

Metal (Pendant): Sterling Silver

Materials: Turquoise

Total Height (including bale): 1-1/16"H

Bale Height: 3/16

Pendant (only) Height: 7/8"H

Pendant Width: 7/8"W

Weight (including chain): .1oz/4gr/.0088lb


Pendant Markings: SIOW  Sterling

Chain Marking: .925 Italy

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