Ryland & Claudia Gasper (Zuni)
Handmade Earrings - Post
Sunface Muti-Inlay
Lapis, White Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, and Jet in Sterling Silver with Stamped Perimeter Designs

Artist/Source: RC (Ryland & Claudia) Gasper, Zuni - Zuni, New Mexico, USA

Beautiful work.  Totally handmade.Always high quality materials, in this case a deep blue Lapis Lazuli.  I have this design in some other stones but they are not photographed or posted yet, e-mail me if you are interested.

I met them years ago when they were displaying at Santa Fe Indian Market.  They don't do many shows anymore.  Between some health issues and going to school for a new full-time vocation, they don't have much time. They are very accommodating about sending me special orders and I enjoy sitting in their kitchen drinking coffee and shooting the breeze.  Ryland is a fellow veteran having served in the Navy.

Check out their other work, they are wonderful (I have a lot unposted so keep an eye out)

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Remember to check the dimensions-the photos are extreme close-ups 
The photos are often MUCH larger than the actual piece


Gift Boxed

Type: Earrings - Post

Metal: Sterling Silver

Stones or Other Materials: Lapis Lazuli, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, White Mother of Pearl,  & Jet

Total Earring Height/Diameter: 7/16"

Total Earring Drop (From Post): 3/8"

Sunface: 5/16" Diameter

Weight: .1oz/3g / .0066lbs for the pair

Signed: RC Gasper

Hallmarked: Sterling

Repeatable Design:  Similar subject to availability.  Handmade, so every one is different in some way.

Available in other materials: Yes, subject to availability


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