Z Rosella Sandoval - Apache Jewelry
Earrings - Stud/Post
Kyanite Teardrops
with Sterling Silver Twist & Bead Accents

Rosella Sandoval, Apache - Native American Jewelry

Kyanite is a silica crystal that catches and refracts light as seen here in these two stones, teardrop cut and perfect for these earrings, made even brighter and more lovely by the rope braid trim and spheres above and below, sterling silver of course.

Total Drop (from post): 1/2"H

Dimensions - Overall: 3/4"H x 1/2"W

Kyanite Stone:  1/2"H x 5/16"W

Weight: .2oz/5gr/.011lb

Signed: S

Hallmark: Sterling

Repeatable Design:  Similar - by custom commission, if stone can be found

Available in other materials: If available, custom


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